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Innovative remedy against mold and mildew

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Micinorm - An innovative tool against mold and mildew

Innovative remedy against mold and mildew Micinorm it consists of natural ingredients. Struggling with the symptoms of the disease, removes the causes and triggers natural regeneration.

Micinorm - New cream against mold and mildew

It is a completely natural formula that acts on the problem from all sides. Just over one course of the application the removal of the invasion of all kinds.

In the cream against the fungus Micinorm it is a lot of useful trace elements. They provide rapid regeneration of wounds and cracks, a release from the pain, itching and flaking. Heals bearing skin lesions and the nail plate. The Epidermis moistened and saturated with vitamins and the necessary minerals.

Ingredients of plant origin it acts gently, without causing delamination and irritation. Patients noted that the organic product quickly acting on the problem. Occurs immediate deliverance from the disease without the risk of re-occurrence. The composition is completely natural, does not contain chemicals, hormones, GMO. Its recommended leading dermatologists in Hungary.

Statistics MOZ: Fungus infected 85% of the population

Do you know these symptoms?

Quality certificates of the European union

Cream Micinorm biological effects has all the certificates of the European union. According to their requirements, the raw material is mined in an ecologically clean locations around the world. Synergistic innovative formula has been developed for a period of four years.

Today cream Micinorm is a real leader in the treatment of all types of mycosis. This is the way number one in the therapy of fungal infections.

The disease mycosis


Infection the disease begins in case of contact with bacteria. It spreads over the surface and in the first place, as the layers of the skin. In this zone of the lesion often are the hands, feet, legs, nails and even the head. In the second case, the hair of an infected property decompose, forming a receding hairline.

Even the daily water treatments can protect from developing the disease. Infection can occur through hairdressing scissors. On them are microscopic particles of the dermis a sick person, speak differently about the disease. They can infect from the master of manicure, in public transport and other places.

When this invasion does not necessarily occur when interacting with native speakers of bacteria. Often the injection happens in skin damage, allowing pathogenic microorganisms to penetrate the human body.

If thrush is left untreated, it carries with it the accumulation and distribution of toxic substances. It carries with it toxic-allergic diseases of the defeat of vital organs.

Why choose Micinorm

Benefits Micinorm before analogues

The benefits of Micinorm before analogues

The relevant complex is completely safe for long term use. All the ingredients of plant origin. Not found hormones, GMOS, preservatives and synthetic substances. It is not addictive, does not destroy the structure of tissues, does not affect the hormonal background.

Innovative formula acts not only destroys the fungal spores. It also has other benefits:

  1. Destroys unpleasant odor, deodorizing soles of your feet.
  2. Activates the blood circulation.
  3. Removes tension in the muscles, case the feeling of fatigue.
  4. Has a moisturizing effect on the skin.
  5. Warns manifestation of hematomas and ulcers.
  6. Strengthens the nail plate, helping their normal growth.
  7. Prevents the penetration of bacteria through the pain.
  8. Heal from the scab, reduces the amount of dropped hair.

The product effect on the human body comprehensively. Destroys the causative agents of disease and cures the horny and the lipid layer of the dermis.

How it behaves Micinorm

In the composition of complex ingredients, instantly penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis and nail plates. Carefully calculated ingredients to kill the spores, destroying their cell membranes. And also warn the development of pathogenic microbes.

Action Micinorm

Natural organic product works comprehensively:

The composition of the cream Micinorm

The formula Micinorm also contains other ingredients. It's a water and oil hoods usnei, of propolis, melon wood, st. john's wort, Marula. And also: chamomile, Lapacho, nettle, burdock root, kukui, and clover. All plants are famous for the healing properties.

Thanks to the natural formulation organic remedy gently affect the area of inflammation. Supports fast, how to get rid of harmful micro-organisms of various kinds.

How to buy cream Micinorm in Hungary

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A doctor's opinion

The doctor Dermatologist Balázs Balázs
10 years

Diseases of the feet foot and other varieties of skin diseases exposed to every fourth citizen in Hungary. I think the number is much greater, because not all go for help to the doctor. Many try to get out on their own. Sometimes the cream from the pharmacy give the desired effect.

If the patient wants to forever get rid of this disease, I strongly advise to think about the cream Micinorm. In the first place, showed high efficacy against all strains of bacteria. In addition, it is a beautiful immunomodulator. What is very important in the period of therapy. Its use in the role of prevention in families where one person is already sick.